The Road Ahead for Ecommerce Automotive Part 2: Time to Buckle Up for Online Automotive Aftersales

Participating in new ecommerce marketplaces will enable aftermarket businesses to grow and become more competitive. Auto and truck aftermarket brands can work together with strategic partners to create dynamic marketplaces. High customer satisfaction associated with collaborative marketplaces could boost future aftermarket sales well beyond the sale of a new or used vehicle.

Alongside Publicis Sapient, read more to learn why global post-sale auto ecommerce is projected to surpass $135 billion by 2026. 

Benefits of setting up an aftermarket marketplace:

  • Quickly and easily adding new products and services from a myriad of third-party sellers
  • Creating a one-stop-shop for everything your customers need in a single location to drive convenience and preference
  • Significant new customer acquisition
  • Becoming essential to customers

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