Digital Warriors: 5 ways REI is revolutionizing the customer experience

According to the CMSWire State of Digital Customer Experience Report for 2020, 79% of customer experience (CX) professionals reported that digital experiences to be a high priority for their organizations. CMSWire also noted that “connecting human experiences, digital experience platforms, content management systems and voice of the customer metrics were among the hot topics in 2020.” 

Now mix in a pandemic with in-person restrictions and almost every business leader is looking to create better experiences to compete in the market.

In this pre-recorded session, REI’s VP of Ecommerce, Michelle Cutter, shares insights into staying ahead of the competition, remaining top of mind with customers, and creating a brand experience that can withstand the test of time as well as a global health crisis. 

Viewers will learn: 

  • Why customer service and customer experience are not the same things 
  • The framework for capturing the voice of the customer 
  • Advice on improving your customers’ journey