B2B Ecommerce: Capture Your Billion Dollar Opportunity, Part 2

In this special encore Collaborative Commerce Talks episode, B2B ecommerce expert, advisor and author, Brian Beck and J.J. Keller ecommerce executive, Adrienne Hartman return to our virtual stage to continue answering your burning B2B ecommerce questions. 

Viewers leave with a better understanding on:

  • Building a digital transformation strategy for 2021 – how COVID has changed priorities and budgets for B2B companies in the coming year
  • Managing channel conflict when going direct to the end user – what is real conflict, and what is perceived?  How do you grow Ecommerce revenue while also enabling traditional channels?
  • Staying on top of your competitive landscape in a world where 50% of buyers are buying from new suppliers 

Part 1 is available here (although you do not need to view in order to gain valuable insights)