Accelerate your startup or partner solution within VTEX ecosystem

VTEX Accelerator: Third-Party Apps

Accelerate your startup or partner solution within VTEX ecosystem

Be part of the digital commerce revolution. Submit your solution and count on VTEX's support to develop your application.

+1M applications

+1M applications

with innovative startups and partners solutions were submitted during the past editions.

+50 countries

+50 countries

all over the world were involved in Accelerator's program, represented by different businesses.

+50 companies

+50 companies

are being accelerated by our program and receiving both technical and business support.

About the program

Designed as a global program, VTEX Accelerator empowers innovative ecommerce-related solutions to create a future-proof retail and support VTEX clients.

Our mission is to foster the global ecommerce ecosystem by integrating third-party apps with VTEX App Store.

VTEX Accelerator Program targets startups and partner solutions that have already developed a first version or at least an MVP.

Our main focus will be on natively integrating the solution within VTEX’s digital commerce ecosystem focusing on app development, testing and boosting its growth.


How your solution benefits from the VTEX Accelerator program.
Technical Acceleration

Technical Acceleration

Ensure the app development progress through technical support and accelerate your integration with VTEX Platform. Get in-depth VTEX IO guidance, and have your app published in a plug-and-play manner in the VTEX App Store.

Business Acceleration

Business Acceleration

Win up to 6 meetings with VTEX Experts who will guide you through business development. Share your Innovation story by participating in the ebook content creation. Attend the biggest ecommerce event in Latin America and present your solution on VTEX Accelerator stage and booth.

Digital Exposure

Digital Exposure

Achieve global exposure by having your solution mentioned in press releases, on our website and social media pages. Embrace the opportunity to have your app available for our clients in a plug-and-play manner on our App Store.

Live Event Experience

Live Event Experience

Boost your experience and impact in the ecosystem by participating in our live event. Seize the opportunity to announce, demonstrate and create awareness of the solution and its benefits. Evaluation committee will choose the best ones and grant them further awards.


Discover the journey


Performed monthly to select a minimum of 5 solutions with appropriate score.

Technical Acceleration

Technical support during the app development process (1 year).

Live Event

The solutions will be evaluated by a committee and compete for prizes. Participation is optional.

Business Acceleration

Boosting your business through mentorship, ebook featuring and VTEX Day presence.

“The reality is that this is very important, basically because the use of programs focused on technology helps us to boost all the technology with the brands, to make communication processes more efficient and to work thoroughly on the personalization of the user experience. So, the fact that technology today is natively integrated with VTEX allows and accelerates the efficiency of the processes internally for each of the brands and above. For me, VTEX Accelerator is pure innovation. It’s to work day by day in upgrading technology and helping the companies to boost economic benefits in a very short time.”

Natalia Borrazás
Email & Marketing Automation Expert MailUp

Who are we looking for?

  • Startup or Partner solution
  • Already developed a first version or at least an MVP
  • Participants who agree to VTEX Accelerator Program’s Terms and Conditions
  • Participants who acknowledge the responsibility to develop the app according to the program timetable present in terms and conditions


Frequently Asked Questions

How our program works.

Important dates and deadlines*

Application: will be ongoing from the 2nd of May 2022

Selection: Between 24th and 27th of the ongoing month – the selected solutions will be notified by email.

Administrative call with the selected participants: Between 28th and 30th of the ongoing month – the selected companies will receive the guidelines for the final rounds.

Development Support: 1 year from the date of signing the Partnership Agreement.

Live Event: January 2023 – after publishing the app on the AppStore, you will be invited to participate in the live event where you can win more prizes.

About the selection process

The selection process will be divided into four main stages, described in the Terms and Conditions of the program. All the stages of the program will be in English.

How should I prepare if my solution gets selected for the program?

If your solution is selected for VTEX Accelerator, you will be informed by email and an administrative video call with our team will be scheduled. They will explain the development process to you. Participating in the administrative call is mandatory to move on to the next stage.

The development process can take up to 1 year, and during that time you will receive support from our Technical Team.

Do I have to attend all activities scheduled as part of the program?

Attendance to all program-related activities is mandatory.

What does VTEX expect from the candidates?

Our mission is to develop the worldwide digital commerce ecosystem by building solutions for the community along with our partners. What we expect from the participants of the program is the same level of commitment toward the commerce landscape.

We want to partner with companies and people that are bold and challenge-driven, whose passion is to power the commerce transformation, just like we are. We also expect a high commitment associated with the development of the third-party app of your solution.

What happens after the app is published on the App Store?

Once your application is published on our App Store, you will be able to integrate with more than 2,500 active stores. This will bring you business growth opportunities and visibility.

Also, there will be an opportunity to participate in the live event in January 2023, where the best apps will be chosen and further awards will be granted. Participation in the live event will be completely optional.

Is the program suitable for any type of industry or business?

VTEX Accelerator is looking for startups or partner solutions focused on digital commerce. To be a right fit with the program, your solution must have at least one MVP and should be able to be integrated via a third-party app.

How are third-party apps developed?
What are the Terms and Conditions of the program?

You can check the program’s complete Terms and Conditions through this link.

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