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Macromex revolutionizes B2B ecommerce with VTEX native capabilities

Macromex is a Romanian food company that specializes in the production, distribution, and sale of a wide range of food products, including frozen foods. The company was founded in 1994 and is based in Bucharest, Romania.


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Macromex is a market leader in several categories of frozen products, including vegetables, potatoes, ready meals, and fruit. With more than 1,200 products in 17 categories, the company has a diverse range of offerings to cater to different customer needs. 

With COVID-19, there came a workforce crisis and the subsequent lack of people changed priorities and alternatives of work. In the classic distribution model, sales associates are responsible for taking orders. A workforce crisis could, therefore, have a significant impact on any business.

They were looking to digitalize their B2B business model with a platform that was able to adapt itself according to specific market needs in the hotel and restaurant industries.

“We opted for VTEX because it is a flexible SaaS. We have the advantages of an international platform, which evolves according to the demands of dozens of customers from the entire world and keeps up with the developments in the field. At the same time, we have the flexibility of an implementation customized based on the specifics of our activity.”

–  Albert Davidoglu, CEO at Macromex.


The biggest advantage of using VTEX B2B capabilities and architecture is the integration with the ERP system of the company, which will ensure long-term significant benefits through the automation and mitigation of errors in the order-taking processes.

“One of the greatest benefits of digitalization is the automation of repetitive processes and the possibility for the people on the team to deal with value-added things. We are still in the stage of continuous verification of the integration with the ERP that is the basis of our business, and we look forward to fully enjoying the benefits of an error-free integration.”

– Albert Davidoglu, CEO at Macromex.

The company made its debut in the B2B ecommerce market with the platform, dedicated to HoReCa specialists. Then, migrated to retail with a platform dedicated to grocery store owners, This process offered the following benefits for Macromex:

  • Fast supply order placing, at the most suitable moment for each business—the platform is the digital agent available for the client 24/7, always providing updated information on the products offered.
  • For larger teams, easy management of the supply activity and control over all orders placed for each operating location.
  • Good visibility of the financial statement—invoices for online and offline orders and payment status.
  • Inspiration for more varied menus or a more diverse product assortment in stores. 

Another key functionality, which is absolutely necessary for the hospitality industry, is the granularity of setting prices. Through the multi-price list option, Macromex can set different prices for each customer, each having a different mix of products. This is done through the Pricing module at the VTEX Admin and it’s up to personalization for each seller and customer.

As an AWS Partner, VTEX builds digital commerce solutions that provide efficient and customizable solutions. The VTEX solution utilizes technologies such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service and AWS Elastic Beanstalk for cloud-based applications and API servers management, Amazon CloudFront, to deliver content near to where shoppers are, and Amazon RedShift based machine learning systems to assist our partner merchants with improving their shopping experiences. 


By implementing the B2B architecture, Macromex made the most out of VTEX’s composability and reached better operational results that not only improved the customer experience, but also improved the company’s back-end performance.

  • Offer restaurant or food store owners the fastest and most modern supply solution.
  • Digitalize order taking, client service, and the financial statement management of the company’s customers.
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Increase the customer base.