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Dengo: The delicious experience of live shopping

Using Live Shopping Dengo managed to provide unique and personal experiences to customers searching for a better shopping journey during the pandemic

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Increase in daily orders

Dengo’s sales of luxury chocolate are thriving during the pandemic, with a live store experience that connects the buyer with the sensory affair of premium desserts. This Brazilian luxury chocolate brand chose to upgrade its unique customer experience by combining the VTEX Commerce Platform capabilities with digital content-producing talent. And the jewel of this ambitious project is a live-streaming solution that brings all Dengo’s customs straight to you without breaking the social distancing rule. 

Dengo was born from a social project initiative in 2017, one focused on generating wealth, bringing dignity and fair remuneration to small and medium cacao farmers in Bahia. The question became how to transform a social project into a business with social impact. Guilherme Leal and Estevan Sartoreli are the brains behind this admirable endeavor that goes beyond commerce and technology. 

“We believe that by making such changes in the way we do our business, we are promoting a better world. Dengo is the taste of changing the world.”

Estevan Sartoreli, CEO of Dengo

A business with respect for nature

“Dengo” is a very Brazilian word. It can mean many good things: tenderness, care, affection, exchange, a gift. It can also be used to refer to our loved ones. Judging by all those positive associations, one could even say that the world needs more dengo. The brand has a very unique business model because they monitor the production of cacao, they select all the beans, and they make the chocolate and all steps are related to environment protection, the forests, and love for native flora and fauna. Simply put, Dengo differentiates itself through responsible sourcing, attention to detail, and an extreme focus on experience and customer service. 

Founded with nature and tradition at heart, Dengo’s chocolate experts and chocolate makers develop Brazilian mixtures that combine taste and health, all in a deeply sensory experience meant to show your tastebuds what’s good. Paying more attention to the main resource, cacao, and buying over the average market price, Dengo encourages a fair and transparent remuneration system, unaffected by the rules of competitive pricing. 

“What the farmer receives is a premium price over the commodity price that is negotiated in the New York exchange. We must pay more to show respect for people’s income and living standards.” 

Estevan Sartoreli, CEO of Dengo

Solutions used

  • B2C
  • Live Shopping
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