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The six selected startups will receive mentorship and USD 10,000 in equity-free grants to develop their business, along with access to VTEX Infrastructure for easier internationalization.



Expand your network by participating in some of the most prominent e-commerce events. Meet other VTEX partners and customers and leverage from the company's PR strategies



Get free access to the VTEX Environment platform for two years and work from VTEX co-working spaces, surrounded by the VTEX team and their technical support and guidance.

Acceleration Program for Startups

The VTEX Accelerator Program targets six to twelve-month-old startups, which have already developed a first version or at least an MVP of their solution. The main focus will be on testing and boosting the growth of the solution.

Accelerator calendar

Registrations are open until November 26. On December 4th, we’ll announce the finalists. The four-month program starts on December 21st and goes until April 21st.

Incubation program for Startups

The VTEX Incubator Program targets recently founded startups (up to six months old) with a good idea or the beginning of an MVP of their solution. The winners will benefit from the program for 6 months after the initial launch date.

Incubator calendar

Registrations are open until November 26. On December 4th, we’ll announce the finalists. The six-month program starts on December 21st and goes until June 21st.

Talent accelerator program for future digital leaders

Experts say that by 2040, over 95% of all shopping transactions will be facilitated by e-commerce. Digital natives have a natural advantage, but starting your journey with us will give you everything you need to prepare for any path you take in your digital commerce career.

Knowledge and experience

By joining the program, you will be able to sign on to a variety of scholarships, courses, and events that will add up on your résumé.


How your Startup benefits from these programs.


Receive USD 10,000 in equity-free grants to accelerate your growth and the chance to pitch your ideas to global Angel Investors.



Attend major e-commerce events (VTEX DAY, VTEX Training Days, webinars, eCommerce Days, Immersions, and more) with all expenses paid.



You'll have between 2-3 hours per week of mentorship with VTEX experts to help you out with business models, marketing, sales, technology, and much more.

Human Capital Acceleration

Human Capital Acceleration

VTEX will award the most promising startups with 100% scholarships at LATAM and UK institutions to develop their talents.

Co-Working Space

Co-Working Space

Get the chance to work with all the infrastructure, surrounded by those who help build the digital commerce industry.



Get free access to the VTEX Environment platform for two years and develop your solutions at the VTEX CoWorking.

Who are we looking for?

We’re on a mission to develop a global digital commerce ecosystem. And we’re looking for challenge-driven startups and professionals that are bold enough to take risks, question the status quo, and test new possibilities. Companies must be up to 12 months old and have at least a defined business model or MVP.

Professionals must have strong analytical skills, be tech-savvy, and passionate about digital commerce and global trade.

Frequently asked questions

How our program works.

Important dates and deadlines for applications

Applications Closing date: November 26

Finalists Selection: December 4th – 18 startups or VTEX Partner Solutions (Party Apps) will be selected for the final round, 9 from each of the two categories: Incubator and Accelerator. The finalists will be notified by email.

Administrative Call with the finalists: December 7 and 8 – the selected companies will receive tips and guidelines for the final round.

Final round: Between December 11 and 16.

Selected Startups: December 18 – 6 startups or VTEX Partner Solutions will be selected for the program, 3 from each of the two categories: Incubator and Accelerator. The selected companies will be notified by email.

Programs start date: December 21st

Programs end date: April 21st for the Accelerator (4 months), and June 21st for the Incubator (6 months).

Some important dates about your exposure at global events: Travel and present your Startup at VTEX DAY 2021: May 31st – June 1st. Travel and present your Startup in at least 3 eCommerce Days: Dates vary.

Travel and present your Startup in at least 10 VTEX events: Webinars, VTEX Training Day, Immersion, among many others. Depending on the Covid-19 situation, your attendance to different events could be online or in person.

About the selection Process

VTEX industry experts and leaders will evaluate the candidates of the programs. We focus on 3 main factors at the moment of evaluating startups: Innovation, Team and Fast-Scaling Potential. The Incubator and Accelerator programs will be developed 100% in English.

How should I prepare myself for the finalists selection?

If you are one of the candidates selected for the final round, you will have a Video Call with our administrative team. They will help you to prepare yourself for the final round. The kind of questions you will be asked during the final round will be:


  • Who makes up your team? …
  • What is the market opportunity? …
  • What is your idea/product and what does it do? …
  • How will you attract attention so that your customers buy the product? …
  • Timing for the go-live of the solution or in which stage it is at the moment? …
  • How do you plan to make money? …
  • How much money do you need to generate an accelerated growth?
How does the Covid-19 situation affect the program?

VTEX pledges for the safety of the candidates. The programs will take place remotely for the mentorships. For the events, it will be determined depending on the future situation.

How much time does the program consume once I’m selected?

You should dedicate between 2-3 hours per week for the project. During that time, different VTEX Leaders will guide and help you to grow your business. Once the program starts, you will have 4 mentors, each one focused in a specific area: Business, Technology, Marketing and Customer Experience.

Each weekly mentorship call will last 30-45 minutes. You will also have a once-per-month call with VTEX CEO’s. If you need more help with specific topics, your mentors will destinate more time to your project or, in some cases, ask other experienced VTEX employees to support you.

Do I have to take part in every organized “event” or is the help-taking voluntarily?

Once your project is selected, you need at least a 95% of attendee participation in the different activities of the programs.

What does VTEX expect from the candidates?

Our mission is to develop the digital commerce ecosystem around the world, building solutions for the community along with our partners. What we expect from the participants of the program is the same level of commitment to the commerce landscape. We want to partner with companies and people that are bold and challenge-driven, whose passion is to power the commerce transformation, just like us.

What happens after the program ends?

By enrolling in the program, you will be officially part of the VTEX ecosystem. This will bring you many growth opportunities, working closely with each VTEX local team.

Is the program suitable for all kinds of businesses/ industries?

The Incubator and Accelerator programs are designed and focused for Digital Commerce Startups. To be a right fit with both programs: Incubator and Accelerator, your idea/MVP/solution needs to be able to be integrated with VTEX. This will also give you immediate access to your solution to more than 3,000 ecommerce stores around the world.

Why take part in the VTEX Accelerator and Incubator programs?

Being part of the VTEX Startups Incubator & Accelerator Program is a great opportunity for your company to be part of the fastest-growing market in the world. Leverage from the growth possibilities offered by digital commerce and accelerate your startup’s results.

Terms and Conditions of the programs

Please, download the file containing all the terms and conditions. VTEX ACCELERATOR TALENT and VTEX STARTUPS & PARTNERS SOLUTIONS.

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