VTEX Accelerator: Third-Party Apps

Accelerate your startup or partner solution within VTEX ecosystem

Be part of the digital commerce revolution. Submit your solution and count on VTEX's support to develop your application.

+1M applications

+1M applications

with innovative startups and partners solutions were submitted during the past editions.

+50 countries

+50 countries

all over the world were involved in Accelerator's program, represented by different businesses.

+50 companies

+50 companies

are being accelerated by our program and receiving both technical and business support.

About the program

Designed as a global program, VTEX Accelerator empowers innovative ecommerce-related solutions to create a future-proof retail and support VTEX clients.

Our mission is to foster the global ecommerce ecosystem by integrating third-party apps with VTEX App Store.

VTEX Accelerator Program targets startups and partner solutions that have already developed a first version or at least an MVP.

Our main focus will be on natively integrating the solution within VTEX’s digital commerce ecosystem focusing on app development, testing and boosting its growth.

Discover the journey


Performed monthly to select a minimum of 5 solutions with appropriate score.

Technical Acceleration

Technical support during the app development process (1 year).

Live Event

The solutions will be evaluated by a committee and compete for prizes. Participation is optional.

Business Acceleration

Boosting your business through mentorship, ebook featuring and VTEX Day presence.

Who are we looking for?

• Startup or Partner solution

• Already developed a first version or at least an MVP

• Agree to VTEX Accelerator Program’s Terms and Conditions

• Acknowledge the responsibility to develop the app according to the program timetable present in terms and conditions

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within theVTEXecosystem?