Seamlessly unify online and in-store experiences.

Integrate channels, expand your experience, and optimize your operation, from order management to in-store.

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Get access to all inventories

With the Endless Aisle solution, you'll make sure your store doesn't lose sales when a product is out of stock. ERP, POS, or Back Office, connect data between channels and drive incremental store revenue.

Unlock store's full potential

Open new revenue channels, increase your average ticket, and gain new sales opportunities with different purchase and fulfillment options for your customers.

Intelligence at hand

Give your associates the benefit of hands-on intelligence. Enable personalized service with relevant information about the product and the customer, regardless of the channel.

We provide commerce solutions for leading companies in 28+ countries.
inStore Point of Commerce

Connect your online and inStore experiences.

Fast, integrated checkout

From identification to payment, leverage from a faster, multi-device checkout experience, fully integrated with VTEX.

Endless aisle

Products are everywhere and can be sold anywhere. Locate the exact product your customer wants with a single inventory view, and don't miss out on sales.

Unified prices, promotions, and catalog

Simplify your operation by connecting crucial information in a single solution for pricing, promotions, and product information.

Distributed Order Management System

Optimize operations and increase your store's foot traffic.

Built-in payment integrations

Pickup points, ship from store, scheduled delivery: Support different fulfillment options and increase traffic across channels.

Optimized logistics and predictive inventory

Trace the best route for your product. Optimize your inventory and logistics times with our smart order management system.

Multichannel change order

Empower your customers with a self-service area and simplify exchanges and order changes.

Customer Service & Clienteling

Empower your associates

360º Customer Data

Use your clients' data (such as previous purchases and preferences) to offer personalized services, clustered content, and targeted promotions.

Franchise and associate's commissioning

Our franchise-ready platform consolidates associate's commissioning to leverage your store's expansion and reach even more customers.

Persistent and shareable cart

With one, persistent cart for all your channels, your associates have the opportunity to recover sales and increase revenue.

Our features

Unify front and back store operations.

Unified inventory and catalog

Make your products immediately available on all channels, with full integration of your catalogs and inventories.

Unified prices and promotions

Define pricing rules and roll out promotions across channels with our integrated, built-in engines.

Unified customer data

Get a clearer picture of your customers and easily create clusters with a single source of truth for data from all channels.

Multiple fulfillment scenarios

Create better customer experiences by offering pickup points, ship from store, scheduled delivery, and even multiple fulfillment options on a single order.

Built-in payment integrations

Easily set up payment conditions across channels with our out-of-the-box integrations.

Multi-device compatibility

Choose the right gadgets for your business needs from a wide range of options.


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