Boost performance with a faster time-to-revenue.

Bypass replatforming overhead and improve conversion rates with an optimized digital commerce experience.

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Frictionless transformation

Leverage from a fast time-to-market that an optimized store framework implementation, with state-of-art technologies, can deliver.

Improved performance

Reduce loading time, improve usability, and make the best out of SEO. Drive sales and improve conversion rates with a integrated, password-free, checkout.

Truly integrated channels

From brick-and-mortar inventory to a single view of orders between channels – leverage from a truly unified commerce platform for all channels.

We provide commerce solutions for leading companies in 28+ countries.
Image showing the SmartCheckout

Drive conversion and unify your shopping experience.

An integrated, password-free checkout

Offer a one-click-buy, PCI-certified checkout experience, without the need of password and ready for multi-channel fulfillment scenarios.

Optimized store framework

Free your front-end with our React + Node store framework. Improve usability and SEO, while driving more conversion with modular components, single page applications, and a ready-for-PWA structure.

Image showing the Site Editor.
Context-driven Experience Management

Create meaningful and relevant experiences.

Clustered content and promotion management

Explore the Unified Commerce potential to its core. Deliver segmented content, promotions, all integrated from the storefront to the brick-and-mortar experience.

WYSIWYG Site Editor

Optimize your experience with a simple and fast Site Editor. Manage pages and clusters, change styles and revise content in the "what you see is what you get" way.

Multi-currency and language

Go international with multiple storefronts to support different languages and easily manage local currencies and payment conditions.

Image showing the Order Management.
Distributed Order Management

Unify your operations from end-to-end.

A single source of truth

Integrate all sales channels, optimize your operations and have real-time data in a single order management system.

Multiple fulfillment scenarios

Go truly unified by offering pickup points, ship from store, scheduled delivery, and even multiple fulfillment options on a single order.

Unified inventory and catalog

Leverage from an enterprise-level, built-in Product Information Manager, ready for your B2C, B2B, and marketplace plans.

Our technology

Tailor-made meets scale.

Open API Architecture

Leverage the flexibility of an API-driven architecture and 70+ shared microservices. Extend VTEX to new experiences and integrate third-party solutions to a single platform.

Serverless development platform

Reduce loading time, improve usability, and make the best out of SEO. Developing scalable components with a comprehensive, easy-to-use toolset, you can build stores faster than ever.

True multi-tenant

Because we are a true multi-tenant SaaS (Solution as a Service) platform, we offer a more resilient architecture to support complex business needs. That means more efficiency and scalability to fit commerce's ever-evolving challenges.

Our features

Unlock the unified commerce potential.

inStore Point of Commerce

Connect brick-and-mortar and e-commerce data to create consistent customer experiences, offer personalized deals, and improve sales.

Multiple catalogs & inventory

Leverage from an enterprise-level, built-in Product Information Manager, ready for your B2C, B2B, and marketplace plans.

Unified My Account area

Empower your customer with a self-service, My Account area with all it's history, tracking and changing of orders.

Built-in sellers & marketplace

Every VTEX store is born ready to become a marketplace itself or to be a seller on other VTEX websites. And you can partner with 2500+ stores around the world to explore these models to the fullest.

Ready for subscriptions

Improve customer loyalty and create new sales opportunities with an out-of-the-box Subscription model.

Advanced pricing and promotions

Cast promotions or create multiple price lists on all your channels at once or select the ones where you want to offer special discounts.

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