B2B Commerce

The digital transformation of business relationships.

Integrate your operation, optimize process and empower your customer to buy where, when and how they want.

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Optimize your operation

Connect channels and integrate third-party solutions to streamline processes and gain real-time transparency with a flexible, API-first, platform.

Expand your experience

Deliver seamless experiences across channels. Offer a personalized self-service experience with segmented pricing, promotions, customizable catalogs and customer credit.

Empower your representatives

Empower your partners and distributors with an easy online ordering channel. Boost sales cycle and offer your representative real-time data, customers information and features like re-order and segmented promotions.

We provide commerce solutions for leading companies in 28+ countries.

Context-driven Experience Management

Personalized B2B-caliber experience

Customizable purchase flow

From the end-to-end of the purchase flow, create personalized experiences for self-service or as a representative workforce tool with rich informations about your buyer, sales cycles, suggested products, etc.

Bulk orders

Empower your buyer with a B2B-caliber platform. Bulk order, re-order and submissions with XLS files. Create quantity-based pricing with progressive discounts.

workflow request and approval

Define your own business rules. Allow your customer to request a quote. Set rules for approval workflow.

Pricing and Promotions

Advanced segmentation strategies

Corporate account management

Use a single sign-in method. Set rules for approved users and registration processes. Define different account tiers with criterias like company validation and credit analysis.

Multiple price-lists

Enable customer-specific prices on different levels: organization, company or department, and manage negotiated price lists on a granular level.

B2C-tested marketing and promotions

Leverage from B2C marketing and promotions features like BOGO, suggested lists, fidelity programs etc.


B2B Payment Solutions

Customer Credit

An out-of-the-box feature to set and manage credit limit across multiple merchants and buyers. Optimize your operation by allowing your customers to self-manage their open bills.

Tax Calculation

Apply all possible tax calculations to the final costs directly into the checkout through integration with specialized tax calculation companies.

Distributed Order Management

Real-time transparency

Multiple shipping and fulfillment scenarios

Create different rules and segmentations with multi-warehouses, multi-inventoy, multi-carries and a global logistics solutions.

Distributed Order Management System

The future of B2B is omnichannel. Choose a commerce platform with a out-of-the-box omnichannel OMS and integrate all your channels smartly.

Pre-built integrations & API structure

Integrate your existing ERP, CRM, WMS, or TMS through an API structure and gain real-time product availability, delivery options, and tracking information.

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