How Pague Menos is taking pharma ecommerce to a whole other level

The giant Brazilian drugstore chain used omnichannel to boost its digital presence and reach even more customers throughout the country.



A 6,5% growth

in digital operations revenue in two years

A three-digit growth

YoY in digital sales

An omnichannel experience as a way to meet consumers’ expectations and expand

Pague Menos’ digital transformation hasn’t started today, since it has its ecommerce operation up and running since 2011. It was in 2018 that it realized many changes needed to be made in order for the company to expand its operations and reach more customers. 

In 2018, it chose VTEX as its partner to take its ecommerce channel to a whole different level, following the ecommerce trends in place and aiming to provide a greater service to its customers through an omnichannel operation and the new fulfillment methods that come with it. Plus, it also aimed to make management through the platform smoother and more flexible.

Pague Menos hasn’t stopped investing in perfecting its operation ever since and ended up migrating to VTEX IO in 2019, with an even bigger vision for the future. 

“After migrating it was clear how the VTEX Commerce Platform was aggregating to our business. We started to have unbelievable growth in revenue. We had great expectations, but the result was much better than that, it allowed us to advance in our business and really put in place all the activations we were looking for.”

— Katriany Melo, Regional Digital Manager at Pague Menos

This commerce story will uncover:

  • How Pague Menos delivered a complete ecommerce platform migration in just 3 months
  • How the company integrated all stores into its omnichannel operation successfully
  • The astonishing results after migrating and offering new fulfillment methods. 
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