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L'Oréal is a global beauty brand with over 110 years of history and experience in understanding its consumer's needs and sharing the best of beauty with everyone, everywhere. The L'Oréal group is made up of 36 brands available in 150 countries.

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    Health & Beauty
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  • 64,6% ecommerce growth on the first half of 2020
  • 2.5 months or 10 weeks to complete brand-site and ecommerce integration
  • One platform for everything B2C, B2E, B2B, and Marketplace on a single commerce platform

L’Oréal’s Kérastase added ecommerce to their formula with VTEX and made it work.

L’Oréal is one of the main beauty names in the industry today and, although most of its revenue comes from traditional brick-and-mortar retail, the company has been evolving its digital commerce, especially after the pandemic. With this expansion, came the desire to grow and innovate in a result-oriented way in order to transform the customer experience for the better. 

One of L’Oréal’s biggest challenges was Kérastase’s online website. Because of differences between institutional and ecommerce websites, there was a disruption in the buying journey which called for a quick solution. Kérastase’s had a brand-site that enabled the purchase on L’Oréal’s Marketplace, Segredos de Salão, and when placing the order, the buyer had to switch domains and visit a different website.

We found out that it was possible to build a completely seamless experience for the customer using VTEX’s headless commerce capabilities.”

Mauricio Henao, Head of Digital IT Innovation Americas at L’Oréal 

Choosing the headless approach was instinctive and natural, as it offers a bundle of independent services where customers can more easily extend software and tailor it to its needs. It also separates the front-end, the customer experience, from the back-end, the services being offered. There was a need for seamless integration between products navigation and the final order placement. 

VTEX partnered with Valtech who delivered and implemented the project in 10 weeks by composing all the content (photos, descriptions, titles, etc.) that exists on Sitecore and all the commercial information (prices, promotions, availability, etc.) that exists on VTEX.

This Commerce Story will uncover:

  • The impact of composable commerce on brand and user experience.
  • How Kérastase’s Brazil solutions work in different regions because of plug-and-play.
  • How L’Oréal transformed and adapted according to customer needs.
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