Inter: digital bank super app increases revenue by 227% with VTEX Marketplace

How the Brazilian super app is combining financial services with retail — and winning.

300 sellers

integrated into Inter Shop

2.4 million

active shoppers

+227% YoY growth

in revenue for Q3 (2021 vs. 2020)

Setting up a headless marketplace on an existing mobile app to meet all customers’ needs in one place. 

Taking cues from the established super apps of China, Inter envisioned retail as a vital part of its value proposition and wanted to set up a marketplace inside its app. For that purpose, the fintech powerhouse looked for a digital commerce platform that had native headless and marketplace capabilities in addition to a microservice-based architecture that would deliver flexibility and agility to the marketplace operation.

VTEX more than met all these requirements and, after just a three-month implementation, Inter Shop went live in December 2019. Since then, customers have been able to shop from an increasing number of well-known brands, including Electrolux, Samsung and Carrefour, often without ever leaving the app to complete a purchase. 

Currently, Inter Shop has more than 2.4M active shoppers, account holders and non-account holders alike. And now, after a profound success in Brazil that you can read all about below, Inter is looking to expand globally and is already putting new avenues in motion. 

“With VTEX, we were sure that there would be no infrastructure problem, because the platform is very stable, highly scalable and, at the same time, flexible enough to deal with customized actions for each seller in a very simple way.”

Rodrigo Gouveia, CEO of Inter Shop

This Commerce Story will uncover:

  • How Inter could use the back-end of the VTEX Commerce Platform with its app acting as the front-end; 
  • How Inter fared during big retail events;
  • How Inter Shop has been scaled to more than 300 third-party sellers;
  • How customers were incentivized to shop using a cashback strategy; 
  • How the marketplace supported Inter’s overall significant growth.
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