Collaboration: the key to business growth

Sony Latin America elevate their regional digital commerce operations through cost-efficient agility and market-leading innovation.

90 days

five stores migrated in record time-to-revenue


increase in the conversion rate


decrease in total cost of ownership

How Sony gained the necessary agility to successfully manage the digital commerce operations of seven countries

Back in 2015, Sony Latin America realized that keeping up with rapidly-evolving consumer behavior while also adapting a bold global vision to a complex regional setting is incredibly difficult without bold and knowledgeable technological partners. Thus, they chose VTEX to upgrade their ecommerce operations, grow their business with agility, and lead the market with innovation. 

Together, we broke records, changed mindsets, delivered results, set technological trends in motion and lowered financial costs. Throughout our five-year partnership, we went above and beyond to ensure Sony Latin America’s triumph in the realm of digital commerce.

“With online business growth in mind, we chose the platform we thought was going to materialize it. VTEX certainly did it.”

Gabriel Cabrera, Sony Latin America Digital Acceleration Director

Most importantly, by being truthful and transparent from the very beginning, VTEX became more than a mere platform-provider. Thanks to an unparalleled care and understanding of the company’s business goals, we were (and still are) a true business partner for Sony. And that is the power of collaboration. 

This Commerce Story will uncover:

  1. How Sony was able to migrate five ecommerce stores in just 90 days and build two others in 40 days
  2. How stability and innovation drove Sony’s sales to record figures
  3. How a flexible and scalable architecture enabled tremendous cost-efficiency for Sony
  4. How a powerful and agile OMS simplified Sony’s operational management
  5. Why collaboration is the key to Sony’s success
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