A race against time: accelerating grocery ecommerce during the pandemic

How DIA integrated 352 supermarkets into its omnichannel operations in less than four months

Unifying commerce experiences and providing customer convenience with a bold omnichannel plan.

DIA’s 25-year operation in Argentina reached new heights with its recent ecommerce website. The grocery chain desired to be close to its customers every day, no matter their shopping preferences, and so, back in 2018, it launched a revamped DIA Online store with VTEX Commerce Platform, selling food and non-food items.

From then on, an optimization of the ecommerce operation started, with a focus on eliminating friction from the online buyer’s shopping experience through the use of omnichannel. This strategy culminated in 2020, when digitalization plans needed to be accelerated due to the global pandemic, prompting the integration of 352 physical stores in a record-time of 14 weeks.

This resounding success cements DIA’s leading position in the Argentinian grocery landscape and makes a statement for fellow grocers riding the digitalisation wave.

The challenge was showing our customers the assortment and stock of each of these new stores –but the integration with VTEX made it possible.”

Fernanda Onzari Nobua, Ecommerce Director of DIA Argentina.

This Commerce Story will uncover:

  • How DIA migrated to VTEX in just three months.
  • How DIA cut logistics costs, decreased inventory rupture and boosted revenue using omnichannel architecture.
  • How DIA unified non-food and food ecommerce operations.
  • How DIA accelerated plans during the pandemic.
  • Why convenience plays a key role in DIA’s future.
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