VTEX Subprocessors

Third Parties

Infrastructure Subprocessors
Entity NameSubprocessing ActivitiesEntity Country
Amazon Web Services Inc.Cloud Service ProviderUnited States
Microsoft Inc. (Azure)Cloud Service ProviderUnited States

VTEX Affiliates

Depending on the geographic location of a Controller or their Authorized Users, and the nature of the Services provided, VTEX may also engage one or more of the following Affiliates as Subprocessors to deliver some or all of the Services provided to a Controller:

Entity NameEntity Country
VTEX Informática S.A.Entity Country
VTEX Publicidade e Eventos EireliBrazil
VTEX Intermediação de Cobrança LtdaBrazil
Companhia Brasileira de Tecnologia para EcommerceBrazil
Ciashop Soluções para Comercio Eletronico Ltda EPPBrazil
V.T. Comercio Digital S.A.Brazil
Dlieve Tecnologia S.A.Brazil
VTEX SMB Tecnologia para Softwares LtdaBrazil
Soluciones Integrales en E-Commerce SpAChile
Compañía Colombiana de Tecnologia para E-commerce S.A.SColombia
Soluciones Cloud en ECommerce S.R.L.México
Tecnologia para el Comercio Electronico S.A.Peru
VTEX Ecommerce Platform LimitedUK
VTEX Commerce Cloud SolutionsUnited States
UniteUUnited States

EU citizens personal data will only transit between affiliates in case they are business contacts of the Controller for operations in the countries managed by those affiliates.