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We are here to help you overcome your challenges and prepare your business to exponential growth.

Our vision

When it comes to digital commerce, we stay true to 3 imperative principles: earn trust, build for community, and be bold.


VTEX has been built upon the foundation of a strong and connected ecosystem. This enables us to focus on our core business: our omnichannel commerce platform, while you help our customers achieve success by sharing knowledge, developing features, offering services, and offering support to sell more.

It’s not by chance that we have a strong VTEX community, a dedicated partner team, and an annual event created to share knowledge, learn from one another, and to have the opportunity to integrate with you.

For each dollar we generate as a company, we generate at least three times as much for our ecosystem. This is how seriously we take our commitment to building for scale, and we have no intention of doing it exclusively ourselves. Our business model is driven by a diverse array of business acumen experts who are determined to challenge the status quo in digital commerce. Are you ready to join us on this journey?

Why partner
with VTEX?

We are here not only to offer the technology but also a true partnership. We believe that differentiating ourselves only by the features we provide does not add enough value to the table. Software functionalities can be developed, yet trust and long- lasting relationships can only be earned. Aside from a comprehensive array of capabilities, an agile methodology and a lower total cost of ownership, we at VTEX pride ourselves for being forward thinkers and market influencers as well as consultants to our customers.

Our teams are designed to continuously and autonomously evolve our platform in order to provide a state of the art experience to our customers.

VTEX Architecture

Developed for high performance business, the autoscaling infrastructure supports over 20x the average requests per minute of a regular day. We are constantly monitoring our microservices to ensure full availability and in the event of an environment failure, a simple restore with a previous version of any component of our system is automated within the deployment process.


Elastic Load Balancers & CDNs are always the entry point to our services. It ensures that the services are distributed spatially-relative to end-users to provide high availability, high performance, and security.


Janus is our API Manager. It is an internally developed solution consisting of a set of components and is responsible for aspects like HTTPS offloading, caching, request routing, and some security concerns.


A microservice component represents a functional module of the solution. It may be the Checkout Services or Logistics Service, for example.

Data Services

We use both relational and non-relational databases, distributed indexing, replication, and message queuing systems, among other data services.


Render Full Stack Framework

Code splitting
Asset optimization & CDN
Server Side Rendering
Hot Module Replacement
ZERO setup. Just write React

Write React

Functional CSS
with Tachyons

Data fetching
with GraphQL






VTEX Network

VTEX Network is the catalog where VTEX retailers can connect with others in regards to global solutions. A small vendor from Finland can now assist a big retailer in Costa Rica, for example. VTEX Network creates unlimited shared opportunities.

VTEX App Store

VTEX App Store is where new features are published. Customers are able to integrate them into their commerce platform with a click of a button. That makes it very easy for developers and designers to successfully reach and charge their recently-acquired customers. This means you only have to concentrate on making a truly great app or feature!

Become a VTEX Partner

Are you interested in implementing and managing VTEX projects, providing services and solutions that add value to the VTEX Platform, improving User Experience?