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Integrate channels, expand your experience and optimize your operation with a smart and flexible order manager.

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Access inventory anywhere

Access inventory anywhere

With the Infinite Aisle solution, you can be sure you don't lose sales when a product it's out of stock. ERP, POS, or Back Office, connect data between channels and drive incremental store revenue.

Increase store foot traffic

Increase store foot traffic

Open new revenue channels. Increase your average ticket and gain new sales opportunities with different purchase and fulfillment options for your consumer.

Empower your sales team

Empower your sales team

Bring intelligence directly to the associate's hand. Provide personalized service with relevant information about the product and consumer, regardless of the channel.


Intelligent and Optimized Operation

Trace the best route for your product. Optimize your inventory and logistics times with a smart orchestrator. This provides insight into the entire life cycle of an order.

Whether it's your call center, physical stores, online store, marketplaces, distribution centers, resellers or franchisees, you will have total visibility and filter data, creating a single truth.


A unified and personalized shopping experience

With the inStore Smart POS, you can unify promotions, recover abandoned carts and offer personalized service with valuable information about your buyer.

Skilled associates with a multi-device experience create deeper relationships between the brand and its customers.

Flexibility to integrate and expand

Integrate your operation into a global, API-first platform. That means more flexibility and scale for your experience, regardless of the complexity of your business.

Internationalization, franchising and marketplace. We are ready to grow with your business. With more than 12,000 deploys per year, we are always evolving to transform shopping experiences.

Flexibility to integrate and expand

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Infinite Aisle

Infinite Aisle

Products are everywhere and can be sold anywhere. Do not miss out on sales when you can leverage your operations with a single inventory view, regardless of the channel.

Unified inventory Unified inventory
Multiple sourcing Multiple sourcing
Omnichannel Fulfillment

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Pick-up point, ship from store, scheduled delivery. Create different purchase and fulfillment scenarios in an intelligent and optimized way.

Pick-up point Pick-up point
Ship from store Ship from store
Scheduled delivery Scheduled delivery
Split order Split order
inStore Smart POS

inStore Smart POS

Empower your store and sales team with a multi-device POS that carries relevant product and customer information, all in a simple, frictionless experience.

Unified promotion engine Unified promotion engine
Product recommendation Product recommendation
360º customer view 360º customer view
Multi-device Multi-device
Persistent and shareable cart Persistent and shareable cart
Omni Customer Service

Omni Customer Service

Simplify exchanges and change orders with smart features. With a single view of your customer you can provide support through all channels. Allow the customer to change on his own their order, even after it's approved.

Easily change orders Easily change orders
Simplified Tax, Reverse Logistics and Invoices Simplified Tax, Reverse Logistics and Invoices
Customer self-service with Customer self-service with "My Orders" page

One price, unlimited experiences

One price, unlimited experiences

VTEX OMS includes:

  • Infinite Aisle Infinite Aisle
  • Pick-up point Pick-up point
  • Ship from store Ship from store
  • inStore Smart POS inStore Smart POS
  • Promotion engine Promotion engine
  • Ready for marketplace and franchises Ready for marketplace and franchises
  • Unified inventory Unified inventory
  • Real-time data Real-time data
  • Order managament flow Order managament flow
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Is OMS only available to VTEX clients?

No. Our OMS solution is tech agnostic. As well as integrating with Back Office and ERP's, we can integrate our solution with other e-commerce platforms.

I already use VTEX for e-commerce. Will I need to pay the e-commerce fee and an additional fee for inStore?

No. For orders from e-commerce the fee remains the same as stated in your contract. In cases of sales via inStore, the rate changes to 0.3% per transaction.

What data can I see from the orders?

Using our Order Management tool you can view orders by channels, fulfillment options, status, buyer data and even the associate that sold the item, among others.

What do I need in order to install inStore?

You will need the correct devices to install the app and also internet connection for transactions. For payment and invoice, we have partners already integrated and open API for new integrations.

Do I need to make a high-investment in equipment?

No. InStore can be installed on phones, tablets, and/or desktop, with Android 6.0 or higher, iOS 9 or higher, or Windows 8 or higher. In addition, we have partners who can offer special discounts on the purchase of devices. Contact us to learn more.

Is it available in other countries beyond Brazil?

The solution is ready for use in any country. However, it will be necessary to develop integrations with local partners for payment and invoice issuance. If you are interested, please contact our team to learn more.