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Here at VTEX, we are constantly challenging the future, bringing valuable knowledge to the table through a “hands-on” approach, and creating the means to start a dialog where we can all share new perspectives.

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"New solutions, such as the inStore and the pickup in store features will surely be of great benefit to retail leaders aiming to increase their revenues."
Jordan Hang - eCommerce Coordinator Havan

Order Management System

The Order Management System module is responsible for managing and displaying your store’s orders. It provides a 360-degree view of customer purchase information across all channels, providing more comprehensive data to deliver personalized customer experiences. This makes it possible to see all orders, change their status, cancel orders, return items, provide tax receipt information and track shipments. It also groups together all emails sent to customers and allows you to assign tasks in each step of the way.

VTEX Smartcheckout

VTEX’s Smartcheckout was developed with the unique purpose to increase sales without compromising security. It is the first password-free, one-page, 1-click-to-buy checkout system. It is ready for integration with virtual payment methods like bitcoin, and as Gartner mentions in the Magic Quadrant, Smartcheckout is a disruptive differentiator for VTEX.

No Password Needed

We only ask for the credit card security code in order to have the card holder verified. In the event a fraudster gets ahold of the security code, the purchase will still be delivered to the actual customer’s address.

Data for future Orders

By improving the usability of the checkout process we have managed to create a faster and safer second purchase that takes an average of 14 seconds to be concluded.

Omnichannel delivery options

We allow carrier data to be managed along with carrier and shipping fees, routes, warehouses, pick-up points and inventories, and all of these different options are available for customers.

Fully global

Smartcheckout works for any zip code or worldwide address, enabling retailers to avoid checkout complexities when dealing with a global operation.


VTEX IO aims to leverage our mature engineering expertise, like our continuous deployment method, fast rollbacks, smart cache, and resilient architecture through our 1000+ partners. We understand that we can only evolve by empowering the ecosystem so we allow our partners to focus on developing sophisticated business solutions while we do what we do best: take care of Software-as-a-Service Multi-Tenant complexities.

Developing a SaaS solution requires many decisions: from choosing the technology stack, to the local setup, production setup, continuous delivery, quick rollbacks, staging environment, A/B testing, where to find customers, and how to charge them. To facilitate this process, we invested in developing a full stack eCommerce framework with a first-class developer experience that abstracts all of these complexities. This has turned our extension store into a distribution channel where VTEX customers can easily and securely install third party software. Meet VTEX IO.

VTEX InStore

VTEX inStore is a solution that revolutionizes the shopping experience in physical stores. Using a small and wireless device, your salespeople will be able to identify the customer right at the beginning of the sales process and, from there, offer an individualized service, according to his profile and purchase history in all channels, including your eCommerce.

VTEX Insights

VTEX Insights provides an overview of your store’s performance and its progression over time in comparison to consolidated data. Through graphs, you can identify trends and correlations between different metrics, enabling you to get the most out of your commerce platform.

VTEX Network

VTEX Network is the catalog where VTEX retailers now have the visibility of global solutions. A small vendor from Finland can now assist a larger retailer in Costa Rica, e.g.. This equates to shared opportunities.

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