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The VTEX Commerce Suite is a single source code within a single infrastructure, providing extremely high performance, flexibility, and scalability. It offers software that can be fully extended without the complexities of managing infrastructure.

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"VTEX is a very successful Software as a Service company. It’s really fast, reliable, scalable and secure"
Werner Vogels, CTO

Agile by Design

VTEX is a multitenant SaaS solution, based on the SOA paradigm. It consists of 70+ microservices, with fully independent lifecycles. VTEX’s architecture was developed to provide high scalability and safety using a unique and stable code, capable of adapting to each customer’s business demands. Due to our agile nature and culture, we are not only ahead of the game in terms of technology but also innovation and customer behavior. Deployments follow the agile methodology and up to 50/day releases for bug fixes are occurring, with zero-downtime.

VTEX Architecture

Developed for high performance business, the autoscaling infrastructure supports over 20x the average requests per minute of a regular day. We are constantly monitoring our microservices to ensure full availability and in the event of an environment failure, a simple restore with a previous version of any component of our system is automated within the deployment process.


Elastic Load Balancers & CDNs are always the entry point to our services. It ensures that the services are distributed spatially-relative to end-users to provide high availability, high performance, and security.


Janus is our API Manager. It is an internally developed solution consisting of a set of components and is responsible for aspects like HTTPS offloading, caching, request routing, and some security concerns.


A microservice component represents a functional module of the solution. It may be the Checkout Services or Logistics Service, for example.

Data Services

We use both relational and non-relational databases, distributed indexing, replication, and message queuing systems, among other data services.


VTEX IO aims to leverage our mature engineering expertise, like our continuous deployment method, fast rollbacks, smart cache, and resilient architecture through our 1000+ partners. We understand that we can only evolve by empowering the ecosystem so we allow our partners to focus on developing sophisticated business solutions while we do what we do best: take care of Software-as-a-Service Multi-Tenant complexities.

Developing a SaaS solution requires many decisions: from choosing the technology stack, to the local setup, production setup, continuous delivery, quick rollbacks, staging environment, A/B testing, where to find customers, and how to charge them. To facilitate this process, we invested in developing a full stack eCommerce framework with a first-class developer experience that abstracts all of these complexities. This has turned our extension store into a distribution channel where VTEX customers can easily and securely install third party software. Meet VTEX IO.

VTEX Security Certifications

We are a PCI DSS Compliant company, and since 2013 we have: SSAE 16 standards infrastructure audited, Sarbanes-Oxley, 2048 Bits Key and RSA encryption, Low risk by QualysGuard tool. On accounting standards and controls, VTEX is CPC PME audited. CPC PME is, in turn, compliant to IASB’s IFRS for SMES.

Information Security Policy

VTEX see the protection of information, both in regards to our own and our clients’, as a core concern. Information assets are considered strategic for corporation management. This policy’s inherent goals are: confidentiality, coherence, and availability.

Health Check Robot

A key component of our monitoring system is the Health Check Robot. It tests, amongst other things, the consumer journey in the web store. It constantly repeats purchases in the system as if it were an end user of a web store. The occurrence of three subsequent issues raise an alarm, and a notification gets dispatched to the whole company so the assessment of the incident will begin immediately.

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