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Internship Program

How does our program work?

Get a full learning experience

Through the VTEX Internship Program, you will get to know and experience VTEX culture and take part in software development processes alongside the best professionals in the market.

Work on something that makes a difference

You'll dedicate three months to a tailor-made project, developing and placing it production, as well as keeping the solution up-to-date. Be it by optimizing an internal process or improving the selling and buying experience of thousands of people, your work matters.

Recruitment process

How our selection process works.


You may apply before June 31. Carefully review your application.

Online test + curriculum review

We will peruse your past experience and projects, and send you a fluid reasoning test. Make sure to include detailed information about your past experience and curricular activity in your CV.

Programming test

In this stage you'll undergo an online test on code fluency, on Hackerrank. Focus, pay attention and give it your all.

Video Call Interview

The moment to get to know you a little more and talk about what drives you, your career and expectations. It's also a good time for you to ask us any questions you may have or anything you want to know more about.

Skills Interview

You'll be submitted to a technical challenge by our Product team members, in a remote 1-hour meeting in which our team will guide you through the technical challenge towards a solution.

Final Interview

You're tangibly close. After going through this entire experience, you'll have one final chat with a product team member. Use this opportunity to highlight your full potential.

We provide commerce solutions for leading companies in 28+ countries..

Frequently questions

How our selection process works.

When does VTEX's internship program start?

VTEX internship program always takes place during the college summer and winter breaks. The summer program take place between December and February, while the winter program takes place between June and August (southern hemisphere = inverted seasons). The schedule may vary according to student calendars.

How long does the internship program last?

Between 10 to 12 weeks.

Does it start on any specific date?

The summer program usually starts in December, together with the summer season in Brazil. We tend to suggest a starting data which is flexible depending on the availability of participants on that date. The winter program is more flexible and we look at each case individually.

It's my senior year, can I still take part?

You can take part in the recruitment process as long as you're still enrolled at the time of the internship start date. If you've been admitted to the summer program for example, you'll need to still be enrolled at university in December, when the program starts.

How does the project developed in the internship program work?

After going through the recruitment process and entering a VTEX team, you will contribute to that team's development and work routine. Once in, you'll also be responsible for taking decisions, thus getting the chance to deepen your knowledge.

We build the future of commerce.

Trade is evolving fast. But dealing with multiple apps and platforms to manage different sales channels creates barriers to the evolution of global operations.

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Internship Program - Software Engineer / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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