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When it comes to homewares eCommerce, there are many untapped opportunities based on recent demographic and behavioral changes. Here is our two cents on what it takes to maintain a successful furniture and homeware business in today’s digital landscape.

Our vision

Home is the root of our daily lives. It is where we find comfort and restoration. Home complements life’s perpetual cycles.

eCommerce accounts for 13% of the home furnishing category and projections estimate it will be a $220 billion global market by the year 2020. Demographic and behavioral changes are in place, establishing unprecedented growth for this segment.

Rapid urbanization has made homes more expensive and smaller. From a generational standpoint, the biggest shift in dynamics is related to a more connected population that values experiences over possessions. Furniture now takes a leading role in reinforcing a compact, multifunctional, minimalist lifestyle. The online channel also generates convenience in seeking, comparing, and purchasing items.

The major challenge here is to provide curated content, exceptional photography of items, intriguing catalogs, and social media integration, making it easier for a customer to build a vision, get inspired, and articulate the exact product they are looking for. For all of these aspects, VTEX is a source you can rely on.

Here are the main

opportunities you should be looking at in order to say ahead of the curve.


Make it tangible

Visual marketing is imperative. It is a very effective strategy to style your products to align with a customer’s vision. Being able to zoom in and out, with a clear depiction of fabric, materials, and other aspects are excellent ways to make products tangible.



Every agent in this system has to learn to timely respond to market changes and act upon opportunity.



New technologies arise rapidly and it is important to adhere to those aligned with your brand message and objectives.


We are here not only to offer the technology, but to establish a true partnership. We believe that differentiating ourselves only by the features we provide does not add enough value to the relationship. Software functionalities can be developed, however trust and long-lasting relationships can only be earned. Aside from a comprehensive array of capabilities, an agile methodology and a lower total cost of ownership, we at VTEX pride ourselves on being forward thinkers and market influencers, as well as consultants to our customers.

Our teams are designed to continuously and autonomously evolve our platform in order to provide a state-of-the-art experience for our customers.

Some of Our Delighted

Homeware Customers

"We wanted a platform that could support the fast growth we are projecting for Walls By Me and we are confident that VTEX is the best choice for us."
Kelly Dall - WallsByMe Owner

Browse some of our features

VTEX Instore

Using a mobile device, we provide data from your eCommerce to help your salespeople tailor exceptional experiences to your customers in your physical stores. This is especially effective when the customer has already browsed your catalog online and is looking to move forward.


We allow our partners to focus on developing sophisticated business solutions with our dynamic developer commerce framework. VTEX IO enables full extensibility of the platform and brings to life customized ideas and solutions like 3D visualization and Augmented Reality, for example.

Content Management System

Unlimited layout control (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, XML) to create an inspiring atmosphere, allowing your customer to zoom in and explore different angles, textures, and subtleties of the products.


SEO is enhanced via metatags, 301 redirects, canonical, friendly URLs for all pages, HTML customization, sitemaps, and robots.txt.



Easily tailor promotions, targeting the right customer for the most effective message. It is possible to establish pricing and promotions based on SKU quantity, for example. This is a great strategy for customer acquisition since it is not a very common practice or capability for brick-and-mortar stores.

Marketplace Capabilities

You can sell your products in 2300+ VTEX Stores, 20+ natively integrated marketplaces, or become a marketplace yourself. This is a great strategy to unify the fragmented homewares industry.

Product Catalog

Able to support complex product catalogs with unlimited categories, products, SKUs and attributes and variations makes it easy for your customer to find what they need. You can also build signature collections where customers can purchase any number of items, including the whole collections, with a single click.

Mobile First

Some VTEX clients have seen over 50% of their sales coming from mobile, so it’s crucial that for your eCommerce has a responsive design.

Ratings and Reviews

85% of consumers rely on online reviews; as much as they would from a friend’s recommendation. Allow your customers to build your online reputation and you will see your results increase accordingly.

VTEX Smartcheckout

VTEX SmartCheckout PCI DSS offers a safe and seamless 1-click-to-buy experience without need for a password, increasing conversion rates by more than 25%.

Loyalty and Rewards

During the checkout process, points may be redeemed for discounts. Rewards are configured per SKU and Sales Channel.

VTEX Trigger Messages

You can configure upsell, cross-sell, and cart abandonment notifications, product reviews, happy birthday notices, or credit card expiration messages easily with VTEX Trigger mail or SMS.

Store Performance

A study by the Aberdeen Group showed that a 1-second delay in page load time is equal to 7% less in conversions. We have a very mature technological foundation and we are constantly developing ways to make our platform faster.

Order Management System

Centralized order management works to manage the customer experience in purchasing, fulfilling, and handling returns. Customers can even alter orders already in place.

VTEX Logistics

Multi-docks, multi-inventory, and multi-carriers per Sales Channel are available. After buying through app or website, the customer will have the option to pick-up their purchase at the nearest store. This may even inspire their attention towards other products.

360° Management

Easily integrate your existing ERP, CRM, WMS, TMS for real-time product availability, delivery options, and package tracking information.

Agile by Design

Deployments follow the agile methodology and can be as frequent as 50/day which includes: bug fixes, minor and major releases with zero-downtime, allowing your commerce platform to evolve every day.

Health Check Robot

A key component of our monitoring system is the Health Check Robot. It tests a variety of features, including the consumer journey in the web store.

Security Certifications

We are a PCI DSS Compliant company since 2013, SSAE 16 standards infrastructure audited, Sarbanes-Oxley, we have 2048 Bits Key and RSA encryption, and we are ‘low risk’ by QualysGuard tool.

Think business
and we take care of the rest.

Our Customer Success team has developed great expertise through countless projects. In order to share some of that knowledge, they have transformed it into actionable insight as a framework we now call the VTEXCommerce Canvas.

Go ahead, download our canvas and start planning your growth.