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Customers relate to brands, not channels. This evolution of thinking towards unified commerce is one of the reasons why VTEX is able to place retail leaders in the driver’s seat of digital transformation. Managing all channels, i.e., eCommerce, kiosks, in-store payments, social media, assisted sales/telesales, and cross-border commerce without losing a centralized dashboard control: this is the core of what we do.

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"VTEX Technology provides us the capability to generate different prices and promotions for every single client."
Herbert Viana - CEO Brasil CT

A/B  & Multivariate Testing

VTEX offers native A/B & Multivariate  Testing capabilities, i.e., to either have two or more versions of one particular page that are developed with a single different element or, in case of multivariate testing, several elements. These tests are conducted simultaneously to verify which version will have the best results. All versions are run at the same time in order to reach identical audience profiles.

Merchandising Tools

Create personalized offers, recommendations, and tailored promotional strategies based on customer-generated parameters and critical criteria in order to deliver the right offer to the right customer.

Programmatic Content

Manage products, promotions and banners with a time-based schedule through CMS segmented per sales channel, storefront, navigation, medium, or campaign.

Ratings & Reviews

85% of consumers rely on online reviews as much as they would from a friend’s recommendation. Allow your customers to build your online reputation and see your results increase accordingly.


Manage prices and promotions centrally. Starting from a single unified price list and desired profitability, you can create strategies for different sales channels, geographic regions, and scheduled timeframes.

Customer Engagement Management

Deliver a personalized campaign and  shopping experience by displaying dynamic content based on customer behavior, segments, purchase history, or what has been sought on search engines

Multi-business models

There are plenty of online stores that start out utilizing a traditional strategy for online sales, and proceed with expanding beyond that method into B2B, wholesale, etc. using a variety of platforms.

However, rather than incorporating a variety of platforms into your operation, having a single platform can centralize all aspects of the business to lower operating costs. The VTEX platform has powerful out-of-the-box B2B, B2E, B2C features.

VTEX Search Engine

A search box is a powerful virtual seller. More than 40% of visitors perform at least one search. The VTEX search engine has an intelligent algorithm which, based on the term searched for, identifies the best result to be shown to the user; the result displayed will always be the one that will generate more conversions and sales.

Content Management System

Our CMS is a powerful tool that allows for tailoring experiences through easy drag-and-drop functionality, or if you have more specific customization needs, you will have direct access to the HTML code. In other platforms, you will only have access to part of the HTML code or the store CSS, which is very limiting. The CMS also creates a mobile-first experience, since more than 50% of sales happen through mobile.

Catalog Management

The VTEX Catalog module enables you to develop a high-usability navigation system, through unlimited categories, products, SKUs and attributes/variations, which allows customers to easily and quickly find what they need.

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