Some of our Main Cases at a Glance - VTEX - Accelerate Commerce Transformation

Some of our Main Cases at a Glance

Rafael Campos
3 Mar 2020
VTEX Main Cases

Over the last 20 years, VTEX has deployed over 3,000 projects across 30 countries, covering a variety of industries and since 2017, has been recognised by both IDC and Gartner as one of the world’s leading digital commerce platforms. Today, I would like to share a few examples of how we’ve helped global brands and retailers such as Motorola, Walmart, Whirlpool and Sony increase their time-to-revenue.


“One of our key strategic priorities is to accelerate our transformation into the new digital era. After an extensive search, Motorola decided to partner with VTEX, a software platform that fulfils the digital vision of the company.”

François Laflamme, CSO / CMO, Motorola Global


Existing scenario: When a global electronics manufacturer like Motorola wanted to go direct-to-consumer (D2C), they couldn’t just go with a simple eCommerce platform that offered basic features to sell online. Motorola needed a complete digital solution compatible across all devices that would allow the company to scale, and have the flexibility to tailor their strategies for each country and region.


Objective: Motorola required a platform that allowed them to centralise all countries management and, in order to do so, needed to find a platform which can support multiple languages, currencies and catalogues and. have the ability customise the front end to deliver a unique user experience in each region/country.


Achievements: After launching its US and UK stores, Motorola has been able to release a new country site every 25 days. They are on track to achieving their goal of deploying VTEX in 30 countries across North America, Europe and Asia.




“We grew 7 times during the CyberMonday, which is very complex when we are talking about selling grocery online. We need to consider not just the online store but the picking and delivery process.”

Ariel Leiro / Director, Walmart 


Existing scenario: Walmart has one of the most advanced eCommerce platforms in the world, but the costs and effort required to customise their proprietary platform for a new market are very high it’s even more expensive when we consider the maintenance costs (infrastructure, hosting, CDN, support etc) and the continuous evolution of the system.

Objective: Finding a platform that can be managed by a business dashboard and can cover all the specific features for grocery was a challenge. Walmart needed a platform that can deliver its local strategy in Latin America quickly.

Achievements: By using powerful out-of-the-box features such as multiple price lists per region, advanced search, substitute products, click-and-collect and our picking system, VTEX enables Walmart to control the purchase flow from when the order is placed until delivery.




“People worry about security and risk. But you improve security and de-risk your environment with Cloud Software. Whirlpool’s pursuit of the cloud is part of the strategy to become more competitive and to become nimble.”

Michael Heim / CIO, Whirlpool


Existing scenario: Whirlpool is a global business with regional decision-making and operations. Their previous IT operating model was run centrally and did not respond to each market needs. Whirlpool wanted an adaptable solution to resolve these issues and migrate 14 operating stores in 6 countries.


Objective: A global system and services optimization was needed. The system needed to be fully customizable to the local markets, but also fully integrated at a global scale. The initial investment and also the maintenance costs needed to be reduced.


Achievements: The migration was successfully completed in 79 days. We helped reduce project execution times and was more scalable and flexible than Whirlpool’s former IT model. Switching to VTEX led to reduced maintenance costs, as Whirlpool doesn’t have to develop systems or infrastructure internally.




“In four months we already had an e-commerce ready. After launching this site, we had launches every two to three weeks for the rest of the countries.”

Gabriel Cabrera / Sony Executive


Existing scenarioAlthough SONY was using one of the most well-known software solutions available on the market, the lack of innovation was huge. The current online store was not responsive, thus it was not mobile-friendly. The upgrade process for the existing platform was slow and expensive.


Objective: SONY needed a resilient, future-proof solution that could first be implemented locally and then scaled very quickly that allows for easy integration with existing systems. The company needed to offer their customers a simple, secure and efficient way to purchase Sony products on their site from any device.


Achievements: On VTEX, SONY debuted its first country in four months, with the rest of their websites launching every couple of weeks. Six months after they went live on VTEX, Sony saw an increase in conversion rate., VTEX’s multi-tenant SaaS architecture automatically pushes hundreds of new platform updates to SONY every month, at no additional cost.