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Professional discrimination and the labor market: we transform culture every day

Augusto Almeida
24 Jun 2020

In the day-to-day life of the labor market, experiencing discriminatory behavior is a relevant reason for a person to develop a reserved attitude. We live in a very repressive society and that would be no different in this environment. For a long time, labor relations limited me, because I felt that I should show a persona different from the one I really wanted to in order not to be excluded.

It is painful to go through all of these acceptance processes and, at the same time, stand firm to pursue a career and grow while being yourself.

Many people find it difficult to expose their sexual orientation in the workplace. I have always wondered if, as a homosexual person, my work and opinions would be taken seriously.

Those who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community face many difficult situations in their daily lives, and it would be no different in the workplace. Controlling myself not to show my preferences in order not to suffer any type of harassment or retaliation at work has always been part of my way of acting.

Occupying places, whatever they may be, is of paramount importance for our representativeness. To show the world that we are humans, that we have existential needs, and that respect guarantees our right to be happy is to normalize our existence.

Today I have the opportunity to write that I am part of a company where I can perform my activities without worrying about the judgment of others for being homosexual, and I know the impact that this has on my community. We are references for those who seek to be part of the job market without having to cancel themselves out.

This is all part of a battle that started a long time ago. Activism has always shown me that I didn’t have to hide who I was to live and join a company like VTEX. I expand my relationships, I feel more confident and, thus, I place my trust in the people who work with me.

“I feel good about being honest with myself”.

We know that the labor market is a reflection of society and that there are obstacles. But it is important that we transform culture on a daily basis to create new perspectives. I feel happy to be part of it and build a story to be told.

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