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Stimulating the evolution of retail.

VTEX is a SaaS multi-tenant platform that brings together multiple operational needs in one place. With more than 70 microservices and API's carrying out more than 40 independent functions, VTEX is developing a swift and agile implementation technology to engage even the most complex retail scenarios.

Scale your solutions

Various business possibilities


Get access to support, documentation and training in order to sell your solution with VTEX's platform and scale your earnings by acquiring new clients.


Come up with solutions for your customers by using VTEX IO, in a resilient and safe cloud development environment.


Assist in the expansion of the platform usage by promoting interactions at different stages of the retail operation, in a simple way that also follows the progression of the ecosystem.


Use your expertise to help customers overcome market challenges at a more strategic level.

Deliver more and better

Implement serverless with our platform


Benefit from a faster, simpler, more secure implementation through cutting edge development technology. Use a testing environment without affecting what is already in production, having access to powerful tools and A/B tests, which eliminate incidents and render your delivery easily scalable.

VTEX App Store

Automate your technology and scale the reach of your solution with our distribution channel.

New business connections

Big brands seek big partners

Partner Network

Grant your solution visibility and global scale on a channel that ranks and highlights partners based on the community's own appraisal.

VTEX Quadrant

Each year, partners that show a higher delivery quality and sales ability are included into the VTEX ecosystem quadrant, meaning more spotlight and new business opportunities for your company.


Access VTEX Help to consult documentation and content that will assist you in finding better practices, improve solutions and deal with the complexities of your daily work.


Gain exclusive benefits to participate in events hosted by VTEX, such as VTEX DAY, DCX and Training Day. These are unique opportunities to update your best practices, get to know other business visions and make new business connections.


Grow your solutions with the support of the community and of the exclusive channels available to partners on Slack, alongside the direct support provided by tickets and account managers.

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