A complete, connected, and composable platform

Build, manage and deliver advanced B2B, B2C and Marketplace commerce experiences without the complexity – and with complete flexibility.


How does it work?

A complete Commerce, Marketplace and OMS Solution

Go beyond traditional ecommerce by selling across all channels, collaborating with channel partners and expanding product assortment.

VTEX Digital Commerce Platform

Rapidly implement B2C and B2B experiences

  • Storefront conversion
    Increase sales with an AI-powered search engine and one-click checkout.
  • Storefront design & content management
    Rapidly build your storefront and manage your digital shopping experience with our no-code CMS.
  • Advanced B2C capabilities
    Run multi-region and multi-currency experiences with advanced catalogue, pricing and promotions. Track sales performance with native analytics tools.
  • Simplify B2B operations
    Build purchase flows tailored for your business with features designed specifically for B2B commerce, like account management, quoting, customer specific pricing and more.


Unlock inventory and fulfill from anywhere

  • Order management
    Optimise operations with a single view of your inventory and seamless order orchestration across channels.
  • Store fulfillment
    Capture more orders, use inventory more efficiently and give shoppers the convenience of curbside and in-store pickup, ship from store, endless aisle and more.
  • Logistics
    Easily configure and customise shipping policies, like shipping rates and delivery time and integrate with your WMS, TMS and ERP systems.

VTEX Marketplace

Expand product assortment without inventory and fulfillment costs

  • Marketplace network
    Connect to our ecosystem of 3,200+ sellers and explore new commerce possibilities.
  • Seller onboarding & portal
    Easily invite, onboard and give sellers a unique portal to manage their products, prices and orders.
  • Catalogue mapping
    Receive and manage products and inventory from all your sellers at scale.
  • Seller quality management
    Make customer experience and product availability decisions based on sellers’ KPIs with our sales analytics and dashboards.

VTEX under the hood

Engineered for development teams

Empower your team to develop, integrate and switch our platform components to meet the unique requirements of your business.

VTEX IO Development Platform

Build, extend and customise to your desire

  • FastStore
    Jumpstart your B2C or B2B project with a complete set of APIs and open-source store components.
  • WebOps
    Eliminate manual tasks across your delivery lifecycle. Ensure your applications scale and perform well with a WebOps platform optimised for storefront development.
  • App Platform
    Orchestrate data from all your services in one place and extend and compose the components of our platform to your needs.

Secure and reliable by design

VTEX stores and treats data of any kind in a secure way and according to commerce policies and data protection laws.

VTEX is SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, and PCI certified.

Learn more on VTEX Trust Hub

Easily handle peak events with multi-tenant and auto-scalable cloud infrastructure, and rely on multi-layer security.

Be sure your store is always ready for business.

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Flexible and modern

Achieve digital agility with independent microservices that are in constant and rapid evolution.

Explore our Microservices approach
Flexible and modern

Integrate with any back-end system or third-party application, and extend the platform however you need.

Explore our API-first approach
Flexible and modern

Rely on a multi-tenant SaaS infrastructure to scale your site so it is always available and responsive.

Explore our cloud-native approach
Flexible and modern

Meet your customers anywhere and create content-rich shopping experiences that will keep them coming back.

Explore our headless approach
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