About Tekmovil

Tekmovil is a technology distributor that manages several brands such as Xiaomi, Bang & Olufsen, Senwa, Acer, Nokia, Motorola and Kodak.

  • Industry

  • Market

    Canada, United States, Mexico, Perú, Chile and Colombia
  • 36 days Launch of the first website
  • 94% Increase in number of sessions
  • 116% Increase in average duration session

Technology meets innovation to deliver an enhanced customer experience that drives results

As the base of Tekmovil’s ecommerce strategy, the company was eager to have two main elements: scalability and replicability. Knowing it would work with a small team to maintain the ecommerce channel, Tekmovil wanted a framework that was easy to upkeep and that would allow to allocate resources elsewhere.

That’s where VTEX came into the picture and Serrano highlights that, at the beginning of the talks between companies, Tekmovil signaled the importance of the IT responsibilities falling to VTEX because of the cloud nature of the VTEX Commerce Platform. Tekmovil was also attracted to the regional vision inside VTEX and the reach that its platform had inside of Latin America. 

“We understood VTEX could be the right decision and we started talking about a roadmap for 5 or 6 countries in the long term. We knew VTEX’s architecture and knew the benefits of having a global team dedicated to integrations, updates and development.” 

Cristian Serrano, Head of Tekmovil’s Ecommerce Business Unit

In this case study you’ll get an inside glimpse of how this project assisted Tekmovil’s success. This commerce story will uncover:

  • How Tekmovil went live with their first site in 36 days.
  • The foundations that allowed for a quick and successful implementation of new sites.
  • How Tekmovil focused its strategy to enable better customer experiences.
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