Intimissimi’s premium lingerie ecommerce in Brazil

For lingerie connoisseurs, Intimissimi is a true household name. The brand was established in 1996 in idyllic Italy as part of Calzedonia Group, hoping to conquer the underwear market with its iconic Italian style that flawlessly combines romance and sophistication. And conquer it did – its glamorous pieces are now available in a total of 1518 physical boutiques and 24 online stores spread across 45 countries. One of those countries is Brazil, where VTEX has helped power an ecommerce channel on par with the lingerie label’s prestige for over five years. The Brazilian web store has gradually become a shining star in the brand’s network of operations.

A date with technology

Intimissimi arrived in Brazil in 2012. After a few successful years of delighting the nation with its wide product offering through its brick-and-mortar presence, in 2016 the lingerie brand desired to implement an ecommerce operation. This decision would match the increasing interest in online shopping for lingerie, which was named by DigitalCommerce360 as one of the “fastest-growing ecommerce categories”

In the search for the perfect technological fit, Intimissimi Brazil first looked at what ecommerce platforms other country units were using. But the team felt like those, alongside plenty of other big players, were not customizable enough to satisfactorily serve the Brazilian market and its associated customer expectations. The ideal solution needed to support certain website layouts, specific payment requirements and local tax intricacies whilst also upholding Intimissimi’s seductive look & feel.

The lingerie brand eventually found all that in VTEX after several other retailers recommended the regional, yet soon-to-be-global ecommerce platform provider. So in May 2016, after just three months of implementation, Intimissimi launched its digital store in Brazil. 

“The OMS of VTEX, for me, it’s the best. Additionally, it’s very easy to integrate other providers, especially payment methods. There’s nothing else left to be done besides activating them on VTEX.”

David Buvol, Ecommerce Director at Calzedonia Group

An enticing lingerie ecommerce operation

Just like lingerie empowers its wearers and can be used as a tool for attraction, so should an ecommerce operation empower the brand and entice customers throughout the entire shopping journey, even after post-purchase! Intimissimi got all of that figured out.