How Erik’s Bike Shop improved the transaction volume and conversion rates

Implementing VTEX Omnichannel Features provides retailer with large revenue gains.

With over 30 years in the market, ERIK’S has 29 store locations; 16 in Minnesota, 8 in Wisconsin, 2 in Kansas, 2 in Illinois and 1 in Iowa. Their selection of products and services focuses on Bicycling, Snowboards, Downhill Skis, Skateboards, Pro Scooters, and all the gear that goes with each sport.

Erik’s Bike shop began selling online over a decade ago and has since achieved an aggressive growth curve. The retailer leverages an innovative approach that merges their ecommerce site with their homegrown ERP system. Erik’s integrated all of their store-level inventory information with their digital commerce platform so that they could implement a Find In-Store function on the website. The brand’s aim at this time was to generate more business into their retail locations from their web traffic.

Results that leveraged the business

This initiative was a huge success. Today, up to 17% of visitors who visit product pages end up clicking the “Find In-Store” button to AboutNorth AmericaCycling + Sporting GoodsLargest Specialty Bike Shop in the country with 22+ Store locations in the “Find In-Store” button to access inventory information at their local store.

The next logical step was to implement a Ship-to-Store option so that customers could purchase items and have them readily available at their local store. The project not only provided convenience to their customers, but it also opened up a new revenue channel for Erik’s, allowing them to sell products from vendors who previously did not allow online sales. Today, around 20% of all of their online orders are Ship-to-Store orders. The new omnichannel features and subsequent revenue channel proved to be a lucrative decision. As a result, their transaction volume year over year grew 86%, and their conversion rates improved 76%.