CAE partnered with VTEX to launch five ecommerce websites in just 8 months

CAE is a high-tech firm that provides solutions to make the world a safer place. It is also an organization at the cutting edge of digital immersion.

In an effort to support the company’s digital transformation initiative, CAE wanted to make its user experience more seamless and intuitive for its customers across all three business units: Civil Aviation, Defense & Security, and Healthcare.

To ensure success, CAE conducted a detailed review and study of the major ecommerce platform providers. They chose VTEX because of the platform’s scalability and flexibility to adapt to different websites and accelerate go-live for CAE’s 5 storefronts. All in less than one year.

“VTEX’s empowered marketplace business model is becoming the go-to-market strategy for many large enterprises. We are excited to work alongside our partners at Pivotree to support CAE in creating best-in-class digital customer experiences and help accelerate their bold digital strategy.”

Amit Shah, Chief Strategy Officer at VTEX

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